Fishing and blogging

Here is the blogging assignment, team!

Its about fishing, not really the holiday kind, but how important the industry is to your district, country, or region.

Photo by Wizetek

Some points you might want to consider:

  1. Statistics on the industry.
  2. Cultural and social issues.
  3. The impact of fishing on fish stocks and the environment overall.
  4. The politics of fishing, for example between local people and the district or central government.
  5. International agreements on fishing, do you think they are working or should they be changed?
  6. And because this is a blog, do you have any personal stories that might help us understand something special about fishing in SE Asia and the Pacific?

You need to have this ready for the next session with Renee on Wednesday 4 May.

Good luck!


Internet essential for information sharing in PNG

Papua New Guinea is considered the largest country in the South Pacific Islands region with over six million people.

image by Lance and Erin

With an extensive land mass  in the region Papua New Guinea, access to information is a challenge for the average Papua New Guinean.

Despite technology introduced in most urban cities and towns, people living in the rugged and terrain areas still miss out in accessing internet services in PNG.

So really what are ways there for such modern services that can be improved our rural communities?

With so much improvement over the years, companies as the Pacific Mobile Communications company has set the the way forward to providing  mobile phone system and internet gateway since 1995.

Not all individuals would have access to such services while the rest are left out.

What can be done for a  Papua New Guinean in a rural affected with very limited access to internet services?

Low internet social networking particpation from Vanuatu

Compared to other South Pacific island countries, Vanuatu has one of the lowest number of people who use social networking tools such as Blogs, Facebook, My Space, YouTube and Twitter.

by Asthma Helper

The result of a survey on the number of Facebook users in the region in 2010 was released to participants of the Asia Pacific Journalism Centre AusAID ALA Fellowship on Reporting the Economic Life of the Communities by Alex Wake, Journalism Lecturer at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology.

From the survey Vanuatu has a total of 4,940 people on Facebook.

This is the same for Tonga whose population is one-third of that for Vanuatu.

In comparison, nearby New Caledonia with the same population as Vanuatu has 54,220 Facebook users.

For other countries:

  • Fiji – 83,040
  • PNG – 21,220
  • Australia – 8-million plus.

There are a number of factors for the comparatively low number of Facebook users in Vanuatu.

One of these is that generally, Ni-Vanuatu are not easily keen on sharing their thoughts and views in such a public arena.

But most importantly though, it is the issue of lack of access to computers and communications capacity, which is the main hindrance in this case, I believe.

Now, you will find that students studying overseas such in Australia, New Zealand, New Caledonia, Fiji, and further abroad are those that make up the bulk of the four thousand Ni-Vanuatu and other people in the country now on Facebook.

This issue is a classic example of the important need for the Government, the Telecommunication Regulatory Authority, Telecom Vanuatu Limited and Digicel to address this issue.

What do you think can and should be done to increase the number of Ni-Vanuatu having access to the internet and the social networking sites?

Mirage seen on Anzac day!! Lol

on 25th Apirl

I went to the Anzac day parade in the CBD Melbourne, there was an unusual phenomenen-a “mirage”

It was a light beam going through a piece of cloud, looked like an angel coming down from Heaven. The beam was like parellel with the eureka tower.

Butt I reckon it was the sunlight reflection from the glass surface of the eureka tower!! Somehow it was reflected a few times in the air and finally found its way to embrace with the cloud.

Did you go to see the Anzac parade, did you see the mirage? What do you think is the cause of it?

A polar bear is still trying to figure out the origin of the mirage. “Oh it gives me headache” said the polar bear

Are blogs considered as necessity?

Fuel bowsers shwing rising fuel prices.

image by steve garfield

In Indonesia, Enda nasution is a popular blogger, replacing the convential form of news stories. Blog is a form of mass communication tool that have become a part of many journalists’ lives, as well as the consumers of online media. a blog has a wide reach to many.

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The importance of blogs to Timor Leste as a new nation

image by steve garfield

As Timor Leste is a relatively new nation, all information on development should be brought to attention. Information such as acquiring information from geographic locations or political conditions, to economy is available from the technological world, such as TV, radio, online newsletter and many others.

one of the technology advancement that played a significant role in imparting information to fellow people in Timor Leste and even others globally, is none other than Temposemanal. This blog brings encouragement to other blogs to act as an instrument and a bridge in spreading a development and economic dynamics of Timor Leste after independence from the Indonesian government.

at the moment, we can say that blogging is quite rare in Timor Leste. with the introduction o wordpress, an important pillar for us as journalist to be able to gather ideas, commets and advice in bringing Timor Leste to an advancement

how do you think  blogging can affect east timor

How journalist Indonesia challenge now?

Social journalism in Indonesia have been popular since a couple of years ago. Some journalist have their personal blog to post their opinion just about anything to issues in Indonesia. For example Luther Kembaren. He is journalist cumMy Blogs blogger. The blog was created in 2009 when he was cadet reporter in Jurnal Nasional in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Luther said that blog is an alternative media to publish information to the public. This media allows speedy transmission of information as compared to print media. “Now is the new era where people in the world can acces information from internet,” he said.

Social media may be popular, but just how many journalists in Indonesia blogs today?