Are blogs considered as necessity?

Fuel bowsers shwing rising fuel prices.

image by steve garfield

In Indonesia, Enda nasution is a popular blogger, replacing the convential form of news stories. Blog is a form of mass communication tool that have become a part of many journalists’ lives, as well as the consumers of online media. a blog has a wide reach to many.

at any given time, it can be used and makes a writing possible to be used as a source of information.

are blogs considered as necessary today for a journalist that seldom uses them?


About alfonsawayap
I love being a journalist. I started my career working as a journalist in the local media Tabloid Suara Perempuan Jayapura. While embracing the writing world, I dream of being able to write a novel some day. Should my life cease from this earth, there will be nothing valuable that I can leave behind besides the strokes from my hand.

3 Responses to Are blogs considered as necessity?

  1. deefiji says:

    blogs are better for countries that have cheap internet. everyone can go online and read as many blogs as they like. In my country, Internet is expensive so, it would be expensive to read blogs.

  2. jtoposona says:

    I would agree with that Dee. Most of us it comes with a cost but the information we need is of prime importance.

  3. jtoposona says:

    Information can make alot of difference.

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