Blogging in the Happy Isles

How effective is blogging in a country with scattered islands like the Solomon Islands?

Image by SEDACMaps

Solomon Islands is made up of nine provinces, each consisting of many islands, languages and cultural backgrounds.

Honiara, the capital city is situated on the biggest island of the country, Guadalcanal.

The other provinces and towns spread over a vast ocean, east of Papua New Guinea and west of Vanuatu.

With the huge area of seas separating the provinces and islands, means of communication can be quite difficult.

Use of mobile phone has just reached some of the communities living on the islands.

Internet access and use however is just something of a dream for so many people on the islands.

Even in the capital city, Honiara, not everyone who work in offices have access to internet.

It will therefore be some time before comments to bloggers from every section of the society is possible, possibly after five more years.

Solomon Telekom and other responsible organizations may wish to comment.


About Solo boy
Works for the Solomon Islands Broadcasting Corporation, in Honiara, Solomon islands. Attending training on reporting on economic issues of communities. Training at APJC, Melbourne from April 18th - May 20th 2011.

3 Responses to Blogging in the Happy Isles

  1. deefiji says:

    Thanks soloboy. One question: what do the few bloggers in Solomon Islands blog about?

  2. Jonas Cullwick says:

    Best wishes with your help to get government to be aware of this need….

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