How journalist Indonesia challenge now?

Social journalism in Indonesia have been popular since a couple of years ago. Some journalist have their personal blog to post their opinion just about anything to issues in Indonesia. For example Luther Kembaren. He is journalist cumMy Blogs blogger. The blog was created in 2009 when he was cadet reporter in Jurnal Nasional in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Luther said that blog is an alternative media to publish information to the public. This media allows speedy transmission of information as compared to print media. “Now is the new era where people in the world can acces information from internet,” he said.

Social media may be popular, but just how many journalists in Indonesia blogs today?


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4 Responses to How journalist Indonesia challenge now?

  1. aliciatvtl says:

    if some one dont know about your self what are you doing

  2. aliciatvtl says:

    why you said dont ask you, if this blog you create

  3. deefiji says:

    Luther, I can’t access your blog. It says someone has moved it!

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