Mirage seen on Anzac day!! Lol

on 25th Apirl

I went to the Anzac day parade in the CBD Melbourne, there was an unusual phenomenen-a “mirage”

It was a light beam going through a piece of cloud, looked like an angel coming down from Heaven. The beam was like parellel with the eureka tower.

Butt I reckon it was the sunlight reflection from the glass surface of the eureka tower!! Somehow it was reflected a few times in the air and finally found its way to embrace with the cloud.

Did you go to see the Anzac parade, did you see the mirage? What do you think is the cause of it?

A polar bear is still trying to figure out the origin of the mirage. “Oh it gives me headache” said the polar bear


8 Responses to Mirage seen on Anzac day!! Lol

  1. I went to Anzac Day, too… I can’t say anything! It was so emotionally. I was crying 😦

    • lijiji says:

      crying for what???

      • jtoposona says:

        Well I guess everyone cries for a reason Dee. Maria may have had something that was worth crying for. I was proud seeing names of places that I have come across in the line of my duty. After all the people who took part in these brave encounters stood and fought for their countries. May their souls rest in peace.

  2. deefiji says:

    Did you take a picture?

    • jtoposona says:

      I was with John Wallace and Jee when the unusual display from the sun’s rays were chandging patterns when they reflected.

  3. deefiji says:

    LOL@polar bear!

  4. dorahgawi says:

    Was there but didn’t see the mirage.

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