Melbourne the place to be

Family walk somewhere in Melbourne

by Samuel Toposona

Guess what I am heading off to Melbourne! And the reaction I got was astounding from my friends, was “Whoa! Yes!”.

Imagine all the new excitement that I would come across.

Well at first I started having butterflies in my tummy and worst of all the life that I will face for the next five weeks.

So, Melbourne here I come. With challenges that lay ahead of me was all spinning around in my head for a first-timer and my first trip overseas.

Pictured: A typical Australian family taking an afternoon stroll .

What would be the first thing you would do once you’re in a foreign country? I kept reminding myself, Ok! just remain calm and ask around if you are not sure.

Sure enough it did help me out of my misery.

It has been over a week since I arrived in Melbourne while I have come to love the climate and becoming part of this historic part of Australia.

Getting to visit some of the amazing sites was a bonus for me and getting to taste different cuisines from popular Asian-dishes to the ever-tempting McDonalds hamburgers.

Melbourne had a lot to offer with historic architectural buildings which has alot and a multi-cultural atmosphere.

Twilight at night was a sight to behold and tempting cuisine aromas filled the air as restraunts line up the streets along the busy traffic of Lygon Street.

And of course I would never these experience slip by without capturing all the fun.  A camera came in handy but was accidently dropped on a public transport. Retrieving my camera was a tough task.

Typical view early morning in Melbourne

by Samuel Toposona

You see, getting back such items was not that easy in Papua New Guinea as “finders are keepers” is noted among members of the public.

I was struck to know that I got my camera back after contacting the bus company. Thank you!

Looking back home, I thought what good it would do if our public transport providers can have for the return of lost properties.

I was told by the public transport provider that I was fortunate but at the same astounded to have got back what I thought would never be returned in the first place.

Caption: View overlooking the Rathdowne Street in Carlton.


About jtoposona
Samuel Toposona and I am a broadcast journalist working over four years in radio and television.

2 Responses to Melbourne the place to be

  1. man, this is so interesting!
    i luv the pictures.

  2. dorahgawi says:

    Great experience Sammy. There’s more experiernces in store for you in Canberra and Sydney too!….Hope you blog about it as well.

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