Where I went and met my second day in Geelong?

Ford Factory in Geelong. This was the place where I went at 10.00 am. Tony Abott, the opposition party leader came to the Ford factory. This was part his political agenda to gain sympathy from the Australian public.

Setyo Budi, Alfonsa and I companied Cameron Best, senior reporter of BendigoAdvertiser, to the media conference. Alison, acting chief of staff assigned us yesterday. This assignment was important to me, as we could observe how journalist covered issues in a media conference in Geelong.

Abott, who walks like a cowboy criticized the government on its carbon tax policy. This was continuing of his response about the national budget 2011. According him, carbon tax will clean Australians’ money and will not not clean the atmosphere.

He also came to Geelong Advertiser office to have one on one interview with Cameron Best. We were in the same room to observer the interview process. As overseas journalists it was very interesting.

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