Nadzab market an ideal business for local farmers

Mothers selling fresh produce at NADZAB market. Pic by Samuel Toposona

Situated about forty-five minutes from Lae, the second capital city of Papua New Guinea is a fresh food market called the Nadzab market.

This local market provides a good business and revenue for the local villagers around this area to earn what is enough to sustain their daily needs. Read more of this post


Kupang (East Nusa Tenggara) Fueled Inflation Rising Ticket Price Air Lines

harisistantoHead of the Central Statistics Agency East Nusa Tenggara / Ir. Poltak Sutrisno Siahaan / said / that the increase in airfare is quite high during the long holiday season in July and / helped give a big share in inflation that occurred in the city Kupang / /
According Poltak / Inflation in the city of Kupang at 0.91 percent / / And rise in air freight rates during the months of July and / make group transportation especially transportation air / contribute substantial, amounting, 6, 52 percent / with a contribution amounting to 0, 9473 percent of July 2011 / /
In addition to the transportation / other expenditure groups are also contributed to inflation during the month of July / health group at 2.12 percent / 1.67 percent of the clothing / food by 0.69 percent / 0.14 percent housing / education 0.10 percent / /
From January to July 2011 / whole kupang city experience inflasi 3.32 percent / /

Whereas if compared to July 2010 / in July 2011 as a whole /  Kupang experienced inflation of 4.71 percent / / /

Digicel PNG assists National Junior Hockey championships

With an aim to support the development of Junior Hockey in Papua New Guinea, one the the major mobile phone companies in PNG Digicel PNG offered a K10-thousand sponsorship in July this year.

Papua New Guinea became the first country in the Pacific to host the Under 18 Junior Hockey Championships in the country’s second capital, Lae while other hockey-playing centres in the country also took part.

Participating teams lining up to collect medals and merchandise from major sponsor Digicel PNG. Pic by Samuel Toposona

This now puts PNG ahead of other countries in the region and in a better position to select a team to take part in the Youth Olympics in 2015. Read more of this post