Major Jeneral Taur Matan Ruak Resign From F-FDTL Comandder


Major Jeneral Taur Matan Ruak Has Confirm it is his Intention to resign from F-FDTL commander (The Nasional Defence Forse Of Timor Leste)
Desijion Resign was finished Inform To Prime Minister Xanana Gusmao And President RDTL Jose Ramos Horta, and two Lider Both they Accep this desijion.
Before That Taur said he deside resign because he want go back to civilian live.
But According the Information have Possibility he want candidate him self to president in next year.


Telikom PNG marks 56 years of service

Telikom workers formation of Lae at Sir Ignatius Stadium. Pic by Samuel Toposona

Telikom PNG had recently marked 56 years of service in the country as regional offices including Lae celebrated in colour and style.

Lae which is based in the Momase region also joined other regions to mark the PNG nationally owned telecommunications company which had been operating solely before Digicel an Irish communication broke the monopoly in the country.

I was also fortunate to be part of the celebrations as my current employer Fm 100 is trading as Kalang Advertising Limited also was part of the historical event.

Two of Telikom's oldest serving employees cutting the anniversary while Xavier Victor head commercials looks on. Pic by Samuel Toposona















ANZ branch in Lae lies in ashes

The newly renovated ANZ branch in Lae went down in flames after marking over 100 years anniversary this year and a further K4-million renovation earlier this year.

Right side of ANZ Lae branch starts to burnt as by-standers look on. Pic by Rueben MeteFire fighters in Lae attempting to put out the flames that guttered ANZ branch top town. Pic by Samuel Toposona

Faulty wire cables are believed to be the main cause of the fire which saw the fourth floor guttered down. Local residents and workers rushing to get to work witnessed the ANZ burning down before them.

Fire fighters could not save most properties and did their best to hose down the flames. The fire started around 5 in the morning and continued until 8 am.

Police and the fire services are investigating what may have caused the fire while to date I have been following up to find out but all attempts have not been positive.

Fire fighters in Lae attempting to put out the flames that guttered ANZ branch top town. Pic by Samuel Toposona

However, a newly built ANZ branch had been completed in one other part of Lae City but offices which rented in the burnt down branch lost extensive number of properties.

This picture was taken by a young man when he was passing by using his mobile. Amazing what mobiles can do this days.