Cement roads in Lae near completion

Regarded as Papua New Guinea’s second capital and industrial hub, Lae city has now being transformed from what most call as ” pot hole city” to ” cement road city”.

This idea of cementing roads in the city was initiated by the Morobe Provincial Government to ensure its spending is done once and for all instead of spending millions of kina each year to maintain the bitumen roads.

Five road contractors secured their contracts upon their application before the provincial supply and tenders board to work on road sections within the city.

Road contractor Shorncliffe working a road section at Lae Top Town. Pic by Samuel Toposona

Lae is renowned for its vast road links up to the Highlands, Momase and New Guinea Islands regions to conduct business activities with mining activities and exploration booming so far.

This now weighs a lot of pressure on the road system which has deteriorated  over the past years but this concept of cement roads was adapted from one of the Korean nations to resolve the pot hole problem once and for all.

Motorists and pedestrians are now enjoying the comfort of smooth roads but this was not all that good.

There were a couple of road accidents in 2011 when the city experienced rain and made the cement roads slippery especially at some road sections going down hill.

But all this new idea of cementing roads may be lasting solution to the never ending pot holes and the wet conditions that make roads wearing out so soon.

What about roads in your area and how are the conditions?


About jtoposona
Samuel Toposona and I am a broadcast journalist working over four years in radio and television.

2 Responses to Cement roads in Lae near completion

  1. Jonas Cullwick says:

    It’s really great news Toposona!

  2. Thanks Jonas for the respond. will keep you posted on the latest with one of the biggest mine ever to be in Papua New Guinea called Wafi-Golpu

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