Social Media in PNG and the way forward

Social Media maybe new to Papua New Guinea  but  the rest of the world are already into it

PNG is slowly picking up on the use of internet but it is amazing to note that  the number of users on social media such as Facebook has grown significantly in recent years.

Meanwhile, traditional media such as print, radio and televesion  have also realised the imortance of using are also going online because the information going to their audience is fast and easy to access anytime, anywhere.

PNG’s oldest Newspaper, Post-Courier has also go online  to give fast and updated information on what’s happening right across PNG and the region.

You can check out latest news happening in PNG on Post Courier online.

It also gives our readers fast and easy access to our news online and its updated daily.

At Post-Courier we recently launched our digital media called Post-Courier Live.

Digicel customers can subscribe to our news pages by getting the next day’s news headline texted to their cell phones.

Most journalists in PNG are yet to grasp the idea of social media in journalism such as blogging.

The two top blogs in PNG are Masalai blog and another by a prominent journalist.

Malum Nalu, Business Editor with The National Newspaper in Port Moresby   runs his own blog and provides updates on news events happening around the PNG and is updated daily.

However, the main challenge for PNG, is the high cost of using internet due to lack of available  infrastructure.

The Governmet  through the  National Information Communication Technology Authority (NICTA) with the country’s Telecommunication company, Telikom are working hard to address this issue to make internet cheap and accessible to all.

We’re hoping that  by 2015, at least  50 percent of Papua New Guinea would have access to interent.

how social media works by phab


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