Traditional media vs social media

Can you imagine leaving your house without your mobile phone, laptop, ipad, etc, and not go into a panic? Do you feel you would not be able to survive the whole day without all?

You feel as if you would be operating in a vacuum, not knowing what’s happening in your cyberspace.

Well, people born in the 80s would not really know about this feeling but those born in the 90s feel as if their lives depends on these pllications. True??

For some of you, those days of not worrying about such applications are now a distant memory, as yoou buckle under the pressure of keeping up with the times.

Snail mail and meeting up face to face has been replaced by computers, mobile phones, emails, and most recently, the different types of social networking available.

Well, these days in PNG, people would rather Facebook, Twitter, What’s App?, and browse blogspots than buy a newspaper, pick up a telephone to converse or just plain meet up with someone face to face for a nice long conversation.

Newspapers. Photo by NS Newsflash

One complaint about my newspaper, The National, is that people want to read our online paper in the mornings around 8am.

But we update our website at 9am or 10am to allow the newspapers on the streets to get sold first or else I won’t get paid! 🙂

So traditional media will have to find a way to keep up with the times and still keep its traditional ways. But that would require a lot to thought.

The onset of improved telecommunciation has enabled people to have access to the internet, though we can all agree that it is too expensive, right?!

So these days, some people would rather believe what’s on Sharp Talk on Facebook than to do what they used to do before – calling up various newsrooms to confirm or deny recent or breaking news. The group, Tokaut Tokstret, can be viewed here, GDW.

There are a couple of blog spots which utilise all aspects of social media that think they are doing a better job than traditional journalism. Oh well, each to their own.

Two blogs that are quite popular are Malum Nalu and Masalai Blogspot. 

Cover of social media book. Photo by Some Communication

So with the growing number of blogs available talking about everything and anything under the sun, it is hard and getting harder everyday to find credible sources or experts to quote in news stories.

This phenomenon is slowly gaining momentum and all traditional media organisors better start thinking about making plans to switch to online or utilise the various social media available to stay afloat.

So which mode or modes of communication would you not live without? Email us or leave a comment telling us your preference and why.