Industri perikanan di Indonesia


Indonesia merupakan negara penghasil bahan baku perikanan terbesar tetapi ekspor industri pengolahan perikanan di pasar internasional masih kecil, sekitar 3 persen.

“Untuk itu perlu adanya perubahan dalam kebijakan yang tadinya ekspor dalam bentuk bahan baku diubah menjadi ekspor dalam bentuk olahan,” kata Direktur Hasil Pengolahan Perikanan Ditjen Pemasaran dan Pengolahan Hasil Perikanan Departemen Kelautan dan Perikanan,
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Timor Leste still needs investment to build Port Fisheries


In april 2011, the World Bank informed ADB’s Special Office in Timor-Leste that $1
million from the Second Agriculture Rehabilitation Program (ARP II) had been set aside for the
rehabilitation of Hera fishing port, located around 16 kilometers east of Dili. ADB was requested
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Fishing industry in Indonesia, a maritime country…

Quite the ironic fact…

Indonesia, a  maritime country with such massive potential of fishery, records that the consumption of fish in the country is only 23 kilograms per capita per year.

From that data, we can gather that the fish consumption in Indonesia is less than 7 million tonnes per year.

Unlike Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore, the consumption of these three countries have exceeded 40 kilograms per capita per year.

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How important is our fishing industry?

Fisheries and the marine environment support the livelihood and aspirations of communities and national economies in the Pacific Islands.

The Solomon Islands is among the islands countries so rich with marine resources, and in particular fish.

Fishing is an important activity at 3 different levels of the community: subsistence production, small-scale cash fishing, and the large-scale offshore fishing industry.

photo by Raphael Bick

Small-scale cash fishing is most successful near urban markets, especially Honiara.

Since the early 1980s, 31 fishery centers providing refrigeration and marketing services have been established throughout the country.

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Pacific island countries want fair deals

As early as the 1990s Pacific Island Countries have been pushing to get a fair deal for their fisheries resources from big fishing nations outside of the region.

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PNG Fisheries: A gold mine of the Pacific.

I may not be a fishermen, but I provide a great service for the local fishermen in the area, by providing a market for them to sell their catch”.

Wesley Pialkolos is an electrical engineer cum fishing entrepreneur in the New Ireland Province of Papua New Guinea.

What he does each day is buy fresh fish from the fishermen around the island of New Hanover and Kavieng, to sell to hotels in Port Moresby and other parts of the country. And because he has a freezer that he purchased himself, and also pays for the shipping of fish, lobsters and crabs, he provides a great service to the locals.

Mr. Pialkolos is one of many Papua New Guinean’s who have seen the potential of the fishing industry and have ventured into this sector in order to make money and also relieve the stress faced by local fishermen to find markets.

Local fish markets. Image by Dhammika.

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